Banner image: Auckland University Hall of residence (Elam Hall), 60m high-rise twin towers, circa 7,000m².
All project imagery is of actual Camelspace work – no stock photography.


Camelspace are leaders in commercial scaffolds of all sizes. From a few hundred square metres to over 15,000 on a single job, be it built from the ground, on a roof, off brackets or hanging.


Historic Buildings

Infrastructure + Industrial

Camelspace unquestionably have more expertise and experience in the infrastructure sector than any other scaffold company in NZ. Completing the Grafton Bridge project in 2010 by hanging 110t of scaffold from the bridge to allow earthquake strengthening whilst keeping the busy SH1 underneath open; the more recent Newmarket Flyover where Camelspace supplied all scaffolding over a two year period; and high-voltage power line crossings to name only a few.

Leaky Buildings

Camelspace have scaffolded, wrapped/encapsulated/covered some of the largest and most complex leaky building repairs every carried out. From the 19,000m² of sprawling Botany Town Centre roof with its low allowable roof loads, to high rise apartments such as Hobson Gardens where Camelspace’s circumference wraps and modular temporary roofing systems easily withstood Auckland’s winds.