Terms of Sale (You spending with Camelspace)

Camelspace (AKL) Limited / Camelspace (CHC) Limited.

  1. Purpose and application

    The purpose of these Conditions is to record the terms and conditions under which the Supplier will Hire Equipment and/or supply Services to the Client, and these Conditions shall apply to all Hires and Services made by the Supplier to the Client from time to time, to the exclusion of all and any other terms put by or on behalf of the Client as part of an order. 
  2. Definitions and interpretation

In these Conditions: 

"Client" means any person or entity who Hires Equipment from or is supplied Services by the Supplier and where applicable includes the employees, contractors, agents and subcontractors engaged by the Client to Hire Equipment from the Supplier.

"Depot" means the Supplier’s premises in Pilkington Road, Mt Wellington, Auckland or any other premises nominated by the Supplier. 

"Equipment" means the scaffolding, propping, staging, roofing, flooring, LVL, plywood, decking and/or any other equipment the Supplier supplies to the Client. 

"Hire" means all current and future Hires of equipment from the Supplier be those of a Dry-hire nature or as part of other Services provided by the Supplier (specifically broken out or otherwise) to the Client.

"Dry-hire" means the hire of Equipment without labour services (may include or exclude transport).

"Documents" means any drawing, image, sketch, note, design, spreadsheet, calculation, presentation, specification or other document be that in hard copy or on electronic media.

"Off-hired" means the point at which the Equipment on Hire is no longer on hire with respect to the Client being charged for it. It does not bring to an end any conditions of hire.

"Invoices" means all invoices or payment claims prepared by or on behalf of the Supplier which are issued to the Client from time to time not withstanding NZS3910. 

"PPSA" means the Personal Property Securities Act 1999.